Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

Travel Insurance Plans

Need travel and medical insurance to obtain a Schengen Visa? Buy Our travel insurance and get your insurance certificate immediately. The certificate is accepted by all consulates and embassies representing countries in the Schengen Area.

All European countries.

Europe Insurance is valid in the whole of Europe, multiple countries at a time. Travel around all 51 European countries covered under one insurance certificate.

Schengen Area, European Union, United Kingdom and Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, San Marino, Serbia, Ukraine, Vatican City.

For travel, for visa, for stay.

Everyone who needs visa for European country, Schengen visa or does not need visa at all. Anyone who travel to Europe for tourism, a ski trip or want to visit a family. If you go to Europe to seek a job, study or work. You all need Europe Insurance to be covered during your travel and stay in Europe, in every European country.

2 variants tailored to your needs

Our low premium and high sum insurance plans include all benefits you need travel or stay in Europe. Money-back guarantee, cancel before your trip.

Frequently asked questions

what type of travel or stay can be insured? what kind of visa

You can insure any type of your travel, stay or visa by Europe Insurance, such as: tourist or business travel, student or working stay. Europe Insurance is also valid for any transit visa.

what countries are covered?

Buying Europe Insurance, you get coverage for all European countries on the one document. You do not need to buy separate insurance policies for different countries. Travel freely between the 26 Schengen countries, 27 European Union countries, UK and rest of European countries. It is more than 50 countries on the one insurance certificate.

Citizens of which countries can buy Europe Insurance?

Everyone. Citizens of all counties can buy Europe Insurance.

If I do not need visa to travel, can I still buy Europe Insurance?

Yes, if you travel to Europe without visa, you can buy Europe Insurance. Your coverage is exactly the same.

Is Europe insurance accepted by embassies for Schengen visa?

Yes, Europe Insurance is accepted by embassies and consulates for all types of Schengen visas and other residence permits.

Europe Insurance meets all European requirements such as: minimum coverage €30 000, coverage for all member states of Schengen Area, coverage for hospitalization, repatriation, urgent and necessary medical help after sudden illness or accident.

How can I get insurance policy?

You can buy Europe Insurance online. Pay with debit or credit card to receive all insurance documents, including insurance policy (certificate) via email. It is 100% online and takes 5 minutes.